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Dating coaches are perfect for anyone who needs a confidence boost, or for those who want to fast-track the process to finding their soulmate. Before letting desperation push you into the wrong practice, you can count on Pimpin University to take your dating skills to the next level.


We’ll help you break old patterns and master proven dating hacks, so you can become a magnet to the opposite sex. From face-to-face meetings to facetime training, our expert coaches are ready to help you unlock your dating potential and give you professional love advice to take your relationship to new heights.


If you want advice at, you can get it. Our relationship and dating coaches are available 24/7 whenever you need it most, with ongoing love advice at your fingertips. Just call us, and we’ll be there.


At Pimpin University, we pride ourselves in our non-clinical approach to in-person coaching. Your one-on-one sessions can be held at a location of your choice, or even from the convenience of your couch over FaceTime.


A dating coach allows you to build solid foundations, strengthen new and existing relationships, and help you identify the path to someone’s heart. Our zero-judgment spaces are open round-the-clock, at your convenience, for an on-demand service whenever you need it most.

Why Alpha Males Aren’t Really Alpha

Those that claim to be Alpha Males are simply not Alpha Males. They are trying to compensate their lack of confidence and dominance with a word that is derived from Zoology. True Alpha Males do not have to prove anything at all. Pimpin University.

Why Isn’t He Texting Me Back

What Is The Best Fastest Way to Gain Confidence Around Women #confidence #datinghelp #pimpinuniversity What Is The Best Fastest Way to Gain Confidence Around Girls Around Women I’ll break down some concepts and techniques you can use to gain confidence around women / girls. Confidence is not something you are born with. You have to acquire it, develop it through practice. Of course, some men are gifted and quickly become confident, but for those that are having trouble with confidence around girls, this is the video for you. I will teach you all the techniques you need to be confident around the most attractive girls

How to Get Over your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Husband

I will teach you the techniques of getting over your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. The techniques you learn in this video will make it very possible for you to forget about your ex. If your ex has cheated on you, or has done you wrong, let that man go. He is not worth your time, money, or life. PERIOD.